Program Remote Controls for Centurion Gate Operators

Nova Remote Controls

Nova Remote Controls

Program Remote Controls

To program NOVA remote controls( square , gray remote with blue button ) to the old cp80 control cards found in the D5 and D3 models u need to locate the receiver and make sure that + is connected to + , negative and com are connected to com and finally NO is connected to TRG . Normally problems with remotes do occur when wiring is faulty so check that first. Then all nova receivers have three pins with a J1 on the one side and J2 on the other so in order to program remotes u will need to bridge J1 and the middle pin in the event that the breaching pin is no longer with the receiver a flat screwdriver can be used . Once this is done a LED should light up and then u are ready to program the new remote , press the remote button once while looking at the LED , the LED should go off for a second and come back on again once that is done then the remote is programmed and ready for use

On the newer models ( D2,D5,D10 and vector) it is much simpler. On the D2 turbo once u have opened the cover to reveal the orange control card u will see two black knobs and in-between them a status LED and black button next to it. To program a new NOVA remote to the control cards onboard receiver turn the top knob to the remotes position. The status LED should now have a red light permanently on. Now push the button next to the status light at witch point the status light should now be permanently green. U can now press the remote button witch u would like to program to the motor. Every time u press a new button there should be a short sound from the control card. Once this is done u need to move the top knob back to run and then test the new remote that is now programmed and ready for use.

On the D5,D10 and vector 2 motors the process is exactly the same. Open the motor or enclosure to reveal the dark green control card. On the card u will see the LCD screen displaying information about the status of the gate (open, closed, battery meter ands)
U will also see a round button with two triangular buttons, one facing up the other down and an oblong button in-between them. Press and hold the oblong button for two seconds while looking at the LCD screen. The screen should new read setting limits; press the top triangular button once, the screen should now read remote controls. Press the oblong button and the screen will read add remote, press the oblong button again and the screen will read select function trigger gate. On some control cards it will now read is time bar required NO press the oblong button again and the screen should now read press the remote button. press the remote button u require and u should her a short sound from the control card letting u know that the remote has been programmed and it will also show on the screen. Once all the remotes have been programmed press the round button to revert back to the original screen and your remotes are now programmed

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